Guests of the My Buddy Butch Show

Hello! We are excited to welcome you as a guest of the show! By now you should have been given a time and instructions on how we will connect with you to be on the show. If not, or you have misplaced your information, please get in touch with your original contact for clarification. Here on the MBB Show we operate on EST so all scheduled times are given as Eastern Standard Times. Please be sure that you know any possible time difference from your local time zone. See the Clocks and TIme Zone Map below!


Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST or ET)


Central Standard Time Zone (CST or CT)  
Mountain Standard Time Zone (MST or MT)  
Los Angeles
Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST or PT)  
Hawaiian Standard TIme (HST or HT) Hawaii Only
Alaska Standard Time (AST or AT) Alaska Only
United Kingdom
GMT - Greewich Mean Time in the UK  


Time Zone Map

usa time zones



Welcome to MBB Radio

Here are a few items to know about your interview.


  • Jeff likes to have fun and keep it light, he insists on all guests having a pleasant experience so relax and just have fun!
  • Jeff invites subjects that are serious and that everyone can learn something from. If you are discussing a serious subject please make sure you remember that your opinion is welcome and Jeff may also offer his opinion on your subject.
  • If you are not used to being "On-Air" Listen to one of the shows to familiarize yourself with MBB.
  • Most interviews last about 7 to 10 minutes. So make sure your have your top 5 talking points ready so you can make the most of the time.
  • My Buddy Butch is not a confrontational show and all content must be deemed family friendly, some of our interviews may be edited for time consideration.
  • Check out some of the information on being interviewed in the links below. Don't worry about giving the perfect interview on our show as mentioned this is to be fun and will be more of a conversation than an interview.

Interview Links and Tips

  • Tips for being interviewed from RIcher Smarter Happier!
  • Media Advice From Univ. of Florida.
  • Interview tips for Authors from Midwest Book Review. more...
  • Late-breaking news stories can "bump" scheduled stories to later dates or indefinitely. When information you provided does not appear on the show, don’t assume that Jeff has dismissed the interview.

    Jeff's basic purposes in an interview are to:

    • Gain understanding of issues.
    • Collect relevant facts.
    • Obtain quotes from reputable sources.
    • Balance opposing views.
    • Most important is to HAVE FUN! This is not an interrogation but a conversation so have a good time with it!

    Contrary to common perceptions, most interviews are not "investigative" in nature. Reporters are trained to gather news quickly and accurately by conducting interviews with expert sources like you. However, their initial questions may not always convey the true nature of the interview; therefore never take a call cold. Always find out the nature of the interview before you agree to do it.

    Reporters are human and can have preconceived notions about the topics they are covering. They also may be seeking quotes that support specific conclusions. If you find yourself pressed to give quotes you don’t agree with, make a case for your viewpoint. If the reporter doesn't seem persuaded, decline to be quoted. The most important goal in an interview is not to be quoted; it’s to get your messages across.