MBB Network Advertising

We have many different options to accomodate advertising needs. From Large National Sponsorship packages to smaller programs that will allow virtually everyone wishing to get their message out through any and all of our properties to participate.



Through our proprietary system we can rotate your banners through all of our Sites and blogs. We accomodate standard Web ad sizes at stratigic positions on our pages. We will accept .jpeg, .gif, .swf formats for ads. If you do not have an ad we can design one for you as part of your package. We can accomodate the following sizes. The small strip banner at the top of main page is reserved for show sponsors only and is included in package purchases. You can set up your own web ad campaign through our automatic Web advertiser portal here! Our Web Site advertising often has specials such as $1.00 per day packages that you can take advantage of. Start your account, upload your banner or make a text ad, and track your stats right on our site.

Leaderboard 728 x 90
Header banner 468 x 60
Side Bar 300 x 250
Small Block 180 x 150
Skyscraper 160 x 600


Radio Commercials

Through our national syndication and our partnerships with other number one shows around the country, we have the ability to reach millions of consumers each month. Radio is a great way to reach a car driving captive audience and since all of our shows are archived on our proprietary player located on our Home Page, you have continuous coverage with the show long after your show has aired nationally. You can request a read from Jeff or you can provide your commercial in .mp3 format. Contact us for specific details.


News Letter (My Buddy Butch Chronicle)

We also have a growing news letter that adds another dimension to your advertising campaign.


Press Kit

To View our Press Kit email us at " press @ mybuddybutch . com " and we will email you a password and link so you can see the latest information and our reach.

For more pricing and information on advertising or to get a specific quote for your large or small campaign, please contact us at sales@jemarentertainment.com

Thank you for your interest in JEMAR Entertainment, Inc. and My Buddy Butch!


Google Adsense



We are happy to be part of the Google Adsense advertising network for publishers! If you are an Adsense advertiser chances are your ad may appear on our web pages from time to time but there is no guarantee that that your ad will be shown on our site. If you wish to advertise directly on our site to take advantage of your target audience you can sign up for our exclusive web page advertising and upload your ad automatically. If you want to take advantage of our ad packages that include a radio show ad we can do that too...email us at sales@jemarentertainment.com for current rates and details.




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