Parental Guidance Policy (JEMAR Entertainment, Inc.)

Due to our moral conviction, mission to maintain the highest standards of good taste, and desire to provide great entertainment for ALL ages, JEMAR Entertainment, Inc. will not publish, release, produce, or manufacture obscene, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate material which requires the "Parental Guidance" sticker notification. It is our firm belief that good music, great talent, and media of all types does not need to rely on "Shock" value to become successful, and that this direction for us and our properties would be detrimental to all of our long term goals and diminish the fulfillment of our fans and customers.

We have a responsibility as a provider of media of all types, to supply the highest quality possible and strive to continually improve our service to our customers, our business affiliates, and the general public. If you see anything with our name attached to it released by any of our companies that you feel does not represent our pledge to remain a "Family" organization, please do not hesitate to let us know. We value your opinion and take seriously anything that may be questionable to maintaining our integrity and mission of providing morally upstanding, great entertainment for all ages at reasonable prices.

For more information on Parental Guidance standards for Music, Movies, General Media, and Video Gaming, please view the PARENTAL MEDIA GUIDE.

Should you wish to contact us regarding this policy, please email us at

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